• 9 Dot Face-Off Locations

We have recently had some misinformation spread regarding the use of center ice as a faceoff spot for reasons other than a goal or premature goalie substitution. I have reached out to Steve Stevens, he confirmed this Dave LaBuda memo forwarded to me by Art Kitano regarding the use of the 9 spot system. Below is an excerpt from that memo.


QUESTION: The ‘Summary of Face-Off Locations’ (in Appendix II) identifies three (3) situations that call for a center ice face-off. Are there any other situations that may result in a center ice face-off?


ANSWER: Yes, with the new ‘9 Spot’ face-off location rule a center ice face-off may take place provided it is the nearest marked face-off location to a stoppage of play that requires a Neutral Zone face-off under the last play face-off rules.


This is a touchy situation, we are all expected to help each other become better officials while we do believe this was done with the best intentions it resulted in a negative outcome. We do not want to discourage officials helping each other become more informed and better officials while building a great team, when it comes to answering other officials questions on a rule you are not 100% sure of it is best to say you are not sure and forward them to any of the available resources:


1. Call, text or email any board member including Ian or myself for clarification.

2. Use LAHOA Ask the Official (ATO) http://lahoa.com/ato/

3. Use USA Hockey’s Ask the Official (ATO) http://www.usahockey.com/asktheofficial