• A Message From The Treasurer
LAHOA Members,
-What clubs does LAHOA pay for?
Currently, LAHOA pays for the following clubs:
Riverside Icetown (formerly Wildcats), SCAHA & Tournaments
Ontario Wave & Artesia Wave, SCAHA (new this season)
Los Angeles Kings High School Hockey
Los Angeles Kings – LA Lions (new this season)
Burbank Golden Bears, SCAHA
California Heat, SCAHA
CAHA Tier Weekends
California Gold Rush, SCAHA (new this season)
Pasadena Maple Leafs, SCAHA & Paramount rink (new this season)
International Hockey Events, Tournaments
Clubs are invoiced every two weeks.  Several clubs pay us electronically while others mail us a check. Upon receiving their funds, I will then send out your game fees.   Were currently working on a system which will have all clubs pay us electronically. 
It is also important to mention that game fees are calculated through Time to Score.  Therefore, if your schedule is not correct, please contact your schedule immedatiely to avoid any issues with game fees. 
-Do I need to send a updated W9?
In short, no.  However, if you have moved, I recommend sending a new W9 so we have your updated address on file.  We pay off the address on your W9 and not Time to Score.  It never hurts to send in a W9 to be on the safe side. 
-Can LAHOA pay me electronically?
Yes. We are asking our members to sign up for this free service.  We use Quickpay through Zelle which is offered for free by the majority of the major banks. We also send payments through the ClearXchange Network.  If you’re a Chase member, you will receive your funds immediately through Quickpay.  We are encouraging all of our members to sign up for this service.  All we need is your preferred e-mail address and your mobile number.   No account information is necessary.  By signing up for this service, you’re saving the association expenses of 68 cents per check in which we mail.   If the majority of our members participates in this program, you will drastically reduce the operating costs.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me either via cell, 818-859-3187 (call or text) or e-mail at treasurer@lahoa.com.