The purpose of the Los Angeles Hockey Officials Association (herein called LAHOA) shall be to register and train ice hockey officials in the State of California for the purpose of improving the quality of amateur hockey in the state, for ensuring uniformity of rule interpretations, for creating better understanding between officials, coaches, players and other persons, for the purpose of developing more proficient officiating and maintaining the highest standards of officiating and for providing a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information on ice hockey rules and interpretations.

In addition, the LAHOA will cooperate with any recognized organization, authorized to sponsor tournaments, in order to coordinate the methods and manner by which officials of LAHOA will be selected and assigned to the tournament games. The qualifications of said officials will be determined by and be the responsibility of LAHOA.

In order to accomplish these purposes, the LAHOA will test officials, critique, offer training seminars covering rules, skating, procedures and will maintain close contact with USA Hockey and its State and District Referees-in-Chief and their staffs.


Section 2.1 – Membership Qualifications

Membership shall be restricted to those persons who have met the requirements as determined by the Board of Directors, have paid the annual dues of the LAHOA and have no outstanding fines or fees. The members will be classified by categories that have been approved by USA Hockey. Any member having outstanding fees or fines, or who has been suspended for any serious offense, shall be considered a member NOT in good standing.

Section 2.2 – Voting Rights

Each member is entitled to one vote on any issue requiring the consent of the general membership. Any member NOT in good standing shall not have the right to vote. Membership in the LAHOA shall be required to be renewed by all members each year. The President of LAHOA shall have voting rights at all meetings, including committees, with the exception of the meeting of the general membership, where he or she will cast a vote only to break a tie.

Section 2.3 – Registration Fees

Registration fees for all classifications of officials shall be the amount deemed necessary by the LAHOA Board.


The LAHOA shall have final jurisdiction over all USA Hockey officiating programs and any hockey sanctioned by USA Hockey in the following Counties of the State of California: Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, Kern County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County.


Section 4.1 – Annual Meeting

The annual LAHOA meeting shall be held in the spring or summer of each year, for the purpose of electing officers and directors, and for the transaction of any other business which may come before the membership at that meeting. Other meetings may be called by the LAHOA President, when deemed necessary or appropriate.

Section 4.2 - Quorum

A majority of the members of LAHOA Board of Directors or Executive Committee shall constitute a Quorum at any meeting.

Section 4.3 - Elections

Elections for LAHOA Board of Directors will be held via ballot, available by mail or e-mail to all current LAHOA members. No other proxies will be allowed. The top vote receivers equal to the available LAHOA board slots for that year will be awarded positions on the LAHOA Board for the determined three (3) year term.

Section 4.4 - Electronic Meetings

Allowing the ability for virtual meetings to take place either online via email or conference (chat) room or and online format and conference calls.

  1. Allow for motions requiring a vote to be excepted via email or conference (chat) room or any online format and conference calls
  2. Allow for voting via email or conference (chat) room or and online format and conference calls


Section 5.1 – General Powers

The Board of Directors shall have the power to run the business and affairs of the LAHOA, if any, subject to policies procedures, rules and regulations of USA Hockey.

Section 5.2 – Number of Members

The number of Directors of the LAHOA shall be 10.

Each elected Director shall hold office for three (3) years, in the event of a vacancy by resignation or other reason, the President or designee shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired position of the term.

Section 5.3 - Term

Each elected Director shall hold office for three (3) years. An individual (LAHOA member in good standing) may hold the position of LAHOA Board of Director for a maximum period of two terms (6 years). The maximum years any individual may hold either on the board or as an officer or a combination of both is a sum total (BOD and/or officer) of 6 years.

Section 5.4 - Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors may be called at any time pursuant to Article 5, Section 1 of these bylaws.

Section 5.5 – Good Standing

All board members must be LAHOA members in good standing.


Section 6.1 - Number

The officers of the LAHOA shall be, as a minimum, the President / Referee-in-chief, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar. Such officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors annually.

Section 6.2 - Removal

Any officer elected by the Board of Directors may be removed from office by vote of two thirds or more of the LAHOA Board of Directors, when the Board determines that it is in the best interest of LAHOA.

Section 6.2.1 – Attendance of Meetings

All elected directors shall attend at least 75% of all board meetings. Exceptions may be made on individual cases having shown good cause. Any Director not able to make a meeting must notify the President and give good cause. When any Director has missed his third meeting (25%), having not shown good cause, the Board of Directors must bring up the matter under new business and take appropriate action. Any Director not meeting these guidelines can be removed by a vote of two thirds or more of the LAHOA Board of Directors present.

Section 6.3 - Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy by resignation or other reason, the President or designee shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired position of the term.

Section 6.4 - President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the association and shall in general, supervise and control all business and affairs of the Association. The President shall preside at all meetings, serve as an ex-officio member on all committees, call special meetings of the LAHOA or its Board when deemed necessary.

The President shall also be the Referee-in-Chief and will be responsible for all activities of LAHOA officials with respect to training, rules, procedures and conduct. The President shall also be responsible for coordinating these activities with USA Hockey through the District Referee-in-Chief and the chapter's representative.

Section 6.5 – Vice President

In the absence of the President or in the president's inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President and when so acting shall have all of the powers of the President.

Section 6.6 – Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds of the LAHOA. He shall provide an annual report at the annual spring meeting and any other reports when deemed necessary by the President.

Section 6.7 – Registrar

The Registrar shall (a) be responsible for registration of LAHOA members; (b) keep all registrations and memberships; (c) certify eligible voting members; and (d) implement procedures to coordinate registration activities with USA Hockey.

Section 6.8 – Secretary

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, see that all notices are given in accordance with these bylaws, and in general perform all duties incidental to the office of secretary or as assigned by the President.

Section 6.9 – Area Director

The Area Director shall be responsible to the President for arena supervision and other duties deemed necessary, within the area assigned by the President.


Section 7.1 - General

The LAHOA may have standing committees to deal with the various components of the officiating program; nothing in this section shall limit the number of committees, nor their membership, provided that, at a minimum, there shall be the following committees:

  • Discipline Committee
  • Negotiation Committee

Section 7.2 - Ratification

All Committees and their members are subject to review and approval of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.

Section 7.3 – Discipline Committee, Board of Review

Recognizing that it is the responsibility of leagues and associations to police the actions of their own players, coaches and fans when the need is their attention, so too must this association submit itself to scrutiny in the activities of its members in the performance of their duties.

All protests in regard to a given official, or serious consequences occurring as a result of any official in the performance of his duties are to be forwarded in writing, to the Chairman of the Discipline Committee. A copy shall be forwarded to the LAHOA President.

In the event of a protest concerning an official who is a member of this association, the following are recommendations to be used in evaluating complaints by the by the Discipline Committee Chairman:

  • Reject out of hand any protests not written
  • Reject out of hand any protests concerning any judgment calls made by an official
  • Reject out of hand any protests wherein any conflict of personalities between the protesting Coach and official is detected
  • Fines (no shows only) equal to game fees that the official would have received
  • Call for a Board of Review

The President will appoint a Chairman of the Discipline Committee. When a review is required, the Chairman will assemble a review Board consisting of: Himself, two (2) other members of the LAHOA Board of Directors, and two (2) other LAHOA members who are not members of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Review shall have the power to take whatever action is deemed necessary.

The Chairman of the Discipline Committee shall notify the person which is a subject of possible discipline by mail of the hearing date and place. The subject shall have a right to discuss the incident and to inquire to specific charges against them. They also have the right to bring anyone to speak in their behalf. The Committee will then hold a closed session, review the matter, and render a decision. The Committee must notify the subject of discipline of their decision by US Mail within 10 days of the hearing date.

The following are action for which this association immediately considers protests to be valid causes:

  • Drunkenness or consumption of alcoholic beverages and / or illegal substances prior to or during the game so as to be recognizable by the player and other officials, including minor officials
  • Continued failure to appear for games
  • Continued failure to appear on time for games
  • The use of profane, obscene or abusive language toward anyone while in the performance of his duties, which shall include all the time the officials is in the area of the ice rink preceding and following a game
  • Gross incompetence
  • Physical abuse of players extraordinary to the requirements necessary to prevent or breaking up any altercation
  • Any action deemed detrimental to ice hockey and / or LAHOA

Section 7.3.1 - Appeals

Any decision imposed on a member of LAHOA by the Discipline Committee can be appealed to the LAHOA Board of Directors. The appeal must be postmarked within ten (10) calendar days of the decision date. The appeal must include the grounds for appeal.


Section 8.1 - Procedures

These bylaws may be amended or changed at the annual meeting or at any special meeting of the general membership. Each proposed amendment must be submitted to the President. No amendment shall be eligible for presentation at a meeting, unless it has been published at least twenty-one (21) days prior to said meeting.

Section 8.2 - Adoption

The proposed amendments shall then be presented, following publishing, at the next annual or special meeting. After discussion, a vote of the majority of the Board of Directors in attendance and voting at the meeting, shall be required to adopt the amendments. Except as required by law to be approved by a vote of the general membership.


The Secretary of the LAHOA shall act as Parliamentarian at all meetings and the LAHOA shall follow Robert's Rules of Order when conducting meetings.


The Board of Directors shall appoint an Election Secretary who will be responsible for conducting elections under the rules approved by the Board of Directors. Each person nominated to a list must give his approval to being placed on that list. A Director, currently holding office, shall have the opportunity to again run for office. In addition, the Election Secretary shall publish, a notice requesting other lists of candidates. They may be placed in nomination with the Election Secretary or his designee in writing twenty-one (21) prior to the published date of the annual meeting.

The order of expiration of Directors terms shall be as follows:

ELECTIONS 2016, 2019, 2022
Seat #1, Seat #2, Seat #3

ELECTIONS 2017, 2020, 2023
Seat #4, Seat #5, Seat #6, Seat #7

ELECTIONS 2015, 2018, 2021
Seat #8, Seat #9, Seat #10

This rotation of three (3) year terms shall continue, unless modified by Board action and ratified by a simple majority vote of the eligible membership taking part in the election. The three year rotation is intended to provide some stability to the Board in the initial years and still allow changes in leadership to occur regularly.

As first adopted at the special LAHOA formation meeting on August 28, 1991 and modified at the Board's meetings on August 12, 1992, June 15, 1993, July 12, 1994, July 10, 1995, June 24, 1996, July 14, 1997, August 28, 2006, July 28, 2008, June 29, 2009 and July 19, 2010 for presentation to the members at the annual meeting as required in the bylaws.


The use of compound cross bows by LAHOA members is prohibited in or outside the state of California and especially in the state of Nevada.