Disciplinary Guidelines

1. 'No Show' of an official

As an Official, whenever you accept a game assignment from a scheduler, you MUST either show up for the game or arrange for a replacement through your scheduler. You should notify them at least three (3) days in advance of any game you have taken and cannot work so they have adequate time to find a replacement for you. You are responsible for your assignment until you talk directly to the scheduler. Leaving a message DOES NOT count as a notification.

If you or one of the other officials do not show up for an assignment, you MUST inform your scheduler immediately after the game. If the assignment is for more than one game in a row, then the scheduler MUST be called as soon as you are sure that an assignment has been missed. This can be done between the first and second periods of the first game. This will enable the scheduler to possibly find a replacement or get the originally scheduled official to the remaining game(s). Every effort should be made to have a complete crew for each game.

All missed assignments must be reported to the scheduler, by an official at the game, so the incident can be reviewed for possible disciplinary action.

If the scheduler deems that the assigned official is responsible for the missed assignment, then the LAHOA discipline committee is notified. A letter is then sent to that official stating the missed assignment(s) and the amount of the fine to be paid.

The fine will be equal to the amount that official would have made if the game(s) had been worked. The fine must be paid to LAHOA within two weeks or the official will be suspended until the fine is paid.

If two or more of the assigned crew do not show up and the game has to the rescheduled, then the officials will be fined double and suspended for one week.

2. Officials Report (Game Report)

The referee MUST fill out a Game Report if there were any Game Misconduct and/or Match Penalties assessed during the game. This includes all penalties that have an automatic Game Misconduct (e.g. fighting). The form must be completed online within 48 hours of the game on Time To Score and USA Hockey. If a Match penalty was assessed, the referee MUST also telephone in a report to the LAHOA President within 24 hours and follow with the written report.

A Game Report is required for all games and can be submitted on Time To Score.

NOTE: Get the names and phone numbers of the head coaches (captains for Senior Leagues) legibly on the score sheet BEFORE the game starts.

In addition, if the official has any penalties that require a Game Report, he must make sure the penalties are recorded correctly on the score sheet. It is the responsibility of the referee to make sure the penalties are recorded correctly on the score sheet BEFORE signing it.

Failure to file a Game Report will result in a minimum suspension of one week from all games played within the area served by LAHOA.

An incorrect assessed penalty (score sheet review) will also be subject to a possible suspension. The following are incorrect calls: Game Misconduct to a coach for the team having fifteen or more penalties, Match penalties for abuses language, etc.

3. Disciplinary Review Hearings

If there is a formal hearing to review the incidents from a game, ALL members of the officiating crew will be required to attend the hearing. Members of the LAHOA Board, as required, will also be in attendance. A hearing may be called by SCAHA, CAHA, LAHOA or an individual Club.

A LAHOA hearing for disciplinary actions may be called by the Discipline Committee and held in accordance with the LAHOA Constitution and Bylaws.

4. Certification of Officials

All officials MUST send in a copy of the current year registration card and only the properly registered official will be assigned games.

After November 30th, any official who is not properly registered or does not have a current year crest displayed on his or her sweater will NOT be assigned games.