Game Rates


Game Rates




8U B (Cross) $25
8U A (Half-Ice) $26
10U A/B $36 $27
12U A/B $39 $30
12U AA $46 $32
12U AAA* $50 $37
14U A/B $46 $32
14U AA $52 $39
14U AAA* $55 $39
16U/18U A $52 $39
16U/18U AA $57 $41
16U/18U AAA* $85 $65

*Not eligible for single game fee.


League Game Rates




Anaheim Ducks HS Hockey League Varsity 1 & 2 $85 $50
Anaheim Ducks HS Hockey League Varsity 3 $75 $45
Anaheim Ducks HS Hockey League JV $60 $40
LA Kings HS Hockey League Varsity $56 $41
LA Kings HS Hockey League JV $51 $39
American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) $125 $85
Western States Hockey League (WSHL) $125-$185 $85-$100

None of these leagues pay single game fees.


Single Game Fee

Officials are entitled to a single game fee for each single game when they are at different rinks or separated by more than 1.5 hours. When two single games are separated by 0.5 – 1.5 hours at the same rink, officials are only entitled to one single game fee.

Officials are not entitled to a single game fee when they opt to work a non-SCAHA game immediately before or after the SCAHA single game. Example: SCAHA game followed by an In-House game.

12U AAA, 14U AAA, 16U AAA & 18U AAA are not eligible for the single game fees. This also includes ADHSHL, LAKHSHL, ACHA & WSHL.

$5 per official


Travel Fees

Travel fees listed are for distance traveled round trip.

With the exception of Bakersfield and Cathedral City, travel fees must be approved by the SCAHA Deputy Commissioner. Travel fees are usually limited to cases when SCAHA or LAHOA specifically requests an official travel to a rink not listed as a primary rink in their TimeTo Score profile.



90 $40
120 $50
150 $60
180 $70