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If you are not already doing this, it is imperative you follow this procedure from this point on. Filing your report on USA Hockey’s reporting system is as important as making the call. Keeping players safe does not end with the call you make on the ice. It continues with USA Hockey’s progressive suspensions for repeat offenders which can only be tracked by submitting all game reports with USA Hockey’s online reporting system.


In all USA Hockey games, the official’s first duty when a game misconduct or match penalty is called is to file a game report to USA Hockey. This included youth, high school, adult & tournaments. The first communication is to USA Hockey. After, you must also file a report on Time To Score.


This is the object of the National Reporting System to enforce the progressive suspensions and keep the game safe and it all starts with you, the official.


For more information and procedures reference LAHOA’s File A Game Report.



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