• LAHOA Evaluation Program

This message is to inform new members of the opportunities for mentorship and evaluation of your officiating skills. The LAHOA Evaluation Program consists of both formal and informal evaluations provided by peer officials and supervisors.


Formal Evaluations

The website for the LAHOA Evaluation Program is: http://lahoa.com/evaluations/

You can navigate to this page using the RESOURCES menu on the main page.  Interested officials can use the Evaluation Program website to request a formal, written evaluation. Once a request is received, the Education Coordinator will arrange for a senior official to observe you officiate a game and then provide you with verbal and written feedback of your strengths and note specific skills that will improve your officiating.

In addition, the LAHOA Board has asked senior and higher level officials to conduct evaluations of officials. These evaluations can include a pre-game meeting or occur without notification. The evaluation will usually include a post-game meeting to provide the evaluated official constructive feedback. Evaluated officials should receive a written copy of their evaluation by email.


Informal Evaluations

All games provide an opportunity to learn from the other members of your officiating team allowing you to see yourself through the eyes of other officials. You can ask the other officials, whether more or less senior, for any insights or advice they can offer you. During the pregame warm-up, you can ask for evaluation and help improving your skating technique. The discussions between games concerning positioning, rule interpretation, and officiating procedures are an opportunity for growth and greater confidence in your abilities. When unanswered questions occur, you can also email members of the LAHOA board for their advice. Your officiating team improves as you learn from and help other team members.

Officials who actively seek advice and work to improve are those who advance to higher levels of hockey. Likewise, learning to evaluate and mentor officials helps your refine your understanding of officiating and is a characteristic desired by supervisors of high level hockey leagues. The LAHOA board members and officers want to encourage you as you begin this season and are committed to helping all officials accomplish their goals.


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