Registration Process

All officials interested in working USA Hockey sanctioned games (including SCAHA, CAHA, in-house, and adult leagues) must complete their USA Hockey certification every year. Please use the guide below to help navigate the process and get involved in the LAHOA system.

LAHOA Membership Dues

LAHOA membership includes an annual fee of $40. This helps to cover expenses such as our scheduling software, supplemental training programs, and providing other member-focused events and resources.

Payment must be submitted to the LAHOA Treasurer in one of the following ways, and must be made prior to receiving any game assignments:

  • pay through Paypal by sending $40 to (please include the name of the official the payment is for)
  • pay at your seminar by check or credit card

Pay now with PayPal ($40 per official)

Official's Name:

Register with USA Hockey

USA Hockey referee certification must be renewed annually and expires Nov 30 each year. To complete your USA Hockey certification, you must complete the following:

Register Online

Register for a new season at Once registered, a rule book will be mailed to all officials in a rule-change year, or to all new officials in a non rule-change year. New officials will also receive their USA Hockey member number and may create a profile to track their national-level USAH registration online.

Open-Book Exam

Once you have received your rulebook, you will be able to complete your open-book exam online. It is strongly recommended, though not required, to complete this exam prior to attending your seminar.
Level 1: 50 questions
Levels 2-4: 100 questions

Online Class Modules

All USA Hockey registered officials will be required to complete an online curriculum as part of their registration requirements. This curriculum is specific to your level of officiating and is designed to be done at your leisure. Each official will be able to access their specific curriculum through their profile page on or by entering in their last name and official's number in the Online Seminars section of USA Hockey's website.

Officials will be able to log in and log out of their curriculum as often as they would like, though there is a limited time period to complete the curriculum after your first log-in (60 days for Level 1 officials, 45 days for Levels 2-4). The curriculum consists of a series of video presentations followed by short quizzes. It is recommended that the first two (out of three) sections of the curriculum be completed before attending your in-person seminar.

USA Hockey Seminar

All officials are required to attend a USA Hockey seminar, including classroom and on-ice portions. A full catalog of USAHockey's seminars nationwide can be found on their website.

A complete list of local USA Hockey seminars, presented by LAHOA, can be found below (see: Attend a Seminar).

Levels 2-4: must complete a closed-book exam at your seminar

SafeSport Program

All USA Hockey registered officials are required to complete the SafeSport program. The course is good for two years.

Instructions to complete the SafeSport program

Receive Certification

Once these requirements have been met, you will receive your crest and referee card, with level achieved, in the mail.

You may check your registration status with USA Hockey at any time, including a 10-year history of your registration.
(NOTE: this is NOT your LAHOA registration status - this link will show you your USA Hockey status for the above-listed criteria).

Attend a Seminar

Attendance at a USA Hockey sanctioned seminar is required for USA Hockey referee certification. Seminars include classroom instruction and an on-ice session. Attendees must be present for the entire seminar to receive credit for the seminar. All officials applying for Levels 2-4 will be required to complete a closed-book rules test at the seminar.

All Level 1 and first-year Level 2 officials are required to attend a Basic level seminar.
Returning officials with two or more years of experience (registered Level 2 or 3) may attend the Intermediate seminars.

Registration begins 30 minutes before the seminar start time. Please check in at the classroom location and bring the following:

-Paper & Pen (for notes)
-#2 Pencil (for test)
-On-Ice Equipment
-All returning officials must wear a full uniform.
-New officials are required to wear skates, helmet, & whistle.

If you have any questions regarding our seminars below, please contact the LAHOA Registrar.


Our seminar season is over. Submit your information below to receive information on the 2018 seminar season when it becomes available.

Background Screening

California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) requires that all adult on-ice officials be screened as a condition to participate in all CAHA and USA Hockey sanctioned programs in California. The screening of adult officials is required regardless of what level of games an official works, including those adult officials who only work adult games.


Complete Your Screening

Please visit CAHA’s website and complete the screening based on their listed instructions.


Program Details

Screening is valid for two years and expires on June 1. A compliance list can be found here: CAHA Compliance List.

All officials are required to notify the LAHOA Registrar when their name is cleared. We are not notified directly by CAHA or the screening company, so your LAHOA account will not be updated until you have contacted us.

Click here for information regarding the appeal process if you are denied participation.

Confirm Registration

When you have completed your USA Hockey requirements, paid your LAHOA dues, and been cleared with your Background Screening, please send the following confirmations to The LAHOA Registrar:

  • Copy of USA Hockey Referee card. (photo or scan)
  • Confirmation of CAHA screening.
  • Confirmation of LAHOA fees paid.
  • Date of Birth. (new users only)

When we have received this information:

  • New Users will receive login credentials to the Time to Score scheduling system. Please log in, update your profile with a customized password, contact information, and rinks you are available to work. Be sure to always keep your availability updated, as well.
  • Existing Users will have their accounts updated to accommodate their extended certifications.