Social Media

Social Media Policy:


This includes but is not limited to LAHOA’s presence on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LAHOA Website.

The simplest way to describe the policy is: Be Respectful

Refrain from posting content that may offend or hurt other people. Do not post derogatory pictures, videos or comments toward Rinks, Rink Management, Leagues, Teams, Coaches, Parents, Players, other Associations or other officials.

Do not add anyone to any of the social media presences, that can only be done by the social media committee.

Remember why we would have a social media presence and that is to unify LAHOA so anything you post that takes away from that goal should not be posted. If you have to ask yourself should I post that you probably should not.

We also ask you not to post internal reports, policies, procedures, contracts or other internal business-related confidential communications.

Please do not post or create a link from your blog, product line, website or other social networking site to a LAHOA website without permission of LAHOA.

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