• Tier 1 State Championship Officials

The LAHOA board is proud to announce the officials who will work this year’s 14 -18  Tier 1 State Championship Tournament in Lakewood, CA Feb 2-4. When you see them, take a second to congratulate them on representing LAHOA. An addition, 4 officials will come from San Diego and Northern California.



Braden Grinstead

Brent Tubbs

Brittany Trani

Michael Pecolar

Ryan Flores

Steve Appley

Tyler Telesio Carreon



Ian Miller

Louis Magnifico


First Timers! 

Braden Grinstead, Brittany Trani and Tyler Telesio Carreon will be making their first appearance working these games.


What’s Next?

Keep working hard and it will be noticed! Some of you will be chosen to work other opportunities coming up. Check out the LAHOA Events Page to see what tournament is next!